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Learn how to customize your planner with this free video tutorial and blog post from

How To: Personalize Your Planner Using Hand Lettering

How are we already one month into the new year!? And one month past that horrible holiday known as New Year’s Eve. Yup – not a fan. Not at fan at all. The only thing that excites me about the new year is being able to start a new, fresh planner and making it my…

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Learn how to hand letter a glass votive or vase with wrapping text with this step-by-step DIY tutorial from Amanda Arneill at

Hand Lettered Votive Candle Holder Step-by-Step Tutorial

Whenever I have flowers delivered (I say that as if it happens all the time – to put this into perspective, I’m talking once a year, on my anniversary, which is fine because I prefer chocolates for most occasions), after those flowers die, I always find myself holding on to the vase thinking “One day,…

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Learn how to create handmade and embossed paper Christmas tree ornaments with this step-by-step tutorial and free printable patterns from

Handmade and Hand Lettered Embossed Paper Christmas Ornaments

I think every family has the same routine when it comes to Christmas tree decorating…the pretty ornaments (a.k.a. the store bought ones) get hung front and centre, while the handmade “only a mother would love” ornaments get (lovingly) hidden hung at the back. Today, I am happy to share with you this DIY, step-by-step tutorial where…

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DIY Tutorial for making your own hand lettered Christmas throw pillow with four free printable tracers at

DIY Hand Lettered Christmas Throw Pillow with Four Free Printable Tracers

♫ In the first week that it’s socially acceptable to celebrate Christmas, Amanda gave to me, a tutorial on how to create a hand lettered Christmas throw pillow with four free printable tracers! ♫ Catchy, right? Luckily, your finished product will be much prettier than my attempt at that song. There are some things in life that…

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DIY tutorial for making your own hand lettered dishtowel with free tracers from

Four Perfect DIY Hand Lettered Dish Towels

One can never have too many dish towels (or so I tell myself since I own 37 of them) and a hand lettered dish towel is the perfect addition to any collection. With birthdays year round, holidays coming up and parties to attend, creating a hand made, hand lettered dish towel is the perfect way…

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Eat, Drink and Be Scary hand lettered pumpkin

Perfect Hand Lettered Halloween Pumpkin DIY Tutorial

  I’m going to be totally honest… I HATE carving pumpkins and pumpkin decorating. My husband likes it so we tend to carve one or two, but I sit there grumbling the whole time (like a mature adult). Sure there are the typical reasons to hate it –  it takes a long time, it’s super…

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How to Easily Personalize a Notebook with foil-like lettering and art

I am awful (absolutely atrocious really) about getting new planners or notebooks and then actually using them. I have amassed quite a collection but fall abysmally short of actually putting them to good use.   As my husband says, there are both important and not important pieces of paper that I’ve scribbled notes on all…

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Creating Custom Lettering Order Cheatsheet Worksheet

5 Steps to Creating Stress-free Custom Lettering Orders for Clients (and Yourself!)

Okay, I don’t know how far into your lettering journey you were when you discovered Tombow pens, but since I found them, I haven’t looked back. I would say that (by a conservative estimate), when I’m lettering, I use Tombow pens 96.742% of the time. I have their pens in every purse I carry, in…

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The 6 “Must Have” Hand Lettering Tools

Sometimes I imagine that I’m stuck on a desert island (PS – I say desert instead of deserted because it’s Hawaii and my kids aren’t with me). Then I thought, I don’t know where to get lettering pens and paper on this island so I would have to bring them with me. Now, what hand…

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What Bad Makeup Taught Me About Lettering

What bad makeup taught me about flourishing

Once you master lettering, you start to look at what is next… flourishing. Slapping some flourishes onto your piece is a great way to make it look uber fancy. If only it was just that easy. Want to know the best way to make your lettering look awesome? … flourishing! Want to know the easiest…

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The Biggest Hand Lettering Mistake You May Be Making and How to Fix it!! | Amanda Arneill

The biggest hand lettering mistake you may be making

I’ve decided to do a whole series on the tricks that you need to know in order to take your lettering from “meh” to “yay!!” These tricks are intended to make you want to run to the closest person and give them a huge high five because of the new fabulous makeover that your lettering…

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Do you want to stand out?

I hope, fingers and toes crossed, that your answer to that is yes. If it was no, keep lettering by copying other people’s work and that’s cool, but you aren’t really growing your own talent. Eek, don’t hate me, but I had to say it. Because I’m will never tell you to copy what I do.…

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Launch your successful hand lettering social media account

I’m going to be totally honest with you… when I started lettering and putting my work on social media and Instagram, I had no idea what I was doing. But there are a few key things that I’ve learned that are pivotal in having a successful social media presence for hand lettering. AUDIENCE The first thing…

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The power of foam core

  Yep. That’s a super weird blog title. But it’s the truth! A single piece of foam core can be the most powerful lighting trick that you use to take the photos of your hand lettering pieces to the next level. So pop on down to the Dollar Store and get a piece or two…

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How to take perfect lettering photos every time. Period.

If you are a calligrapher or letterer, especially if you are someone who wants to gain followers on social media or make a portfolio that pops, clean, crisp lettering photos are a must. I still rock an iPhone 5S and I am able to go from taking a ho-hum photo to sharing a perfect photo in…

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