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Creating Custom Lettering Order Cheatsheet Worksheet

5 Steps to Creating Stress-free Custom Lettering Orders for Clients (and Yourself!)

Okay, I don’t know how far into your lettering journey you were when you discovered Tombow pens, but since I found them, I haven’t looked back. I would say that (by a conservative estimate), when I’m lettering, I use Tombow pens 96.742% of the time. I have their pens in every purse I carry, in…

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The 6 “Must Have” Hand Lettering Tools

Sometimes I imagine that I’m stuck on a desert island (PS – I say desert instead of deserted because it’s Hawaii and my kids aren’t with me). Then I thought, I don’t know where to get lettering pens and paper on this island so I would have to bring them with me. Now, what hand…

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What Bad Makeup Taught Me About Lettering

What bad makeup taught me about flourishing

Once you master lettering, you start to look at what is next… flourishing. Slapping some flourishes onto your piece is a great way to make it look uber fancy. If only it was just that easy. Want to know the best way to make your lettering look awesome? … flourishing! Want to know the easiest…

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The Biggest Hand Lettering Mistake You May Be Making and How to Fix it!! | Amanda Arneill

The biggest hand lettering mistake you may be making

I’ve decided to do a whole series on the tricks that you need to know in order to take your lettering from “meh” to “yay!!” These tricks are intended to make you want to run to the closest person and give them a huge high five because of the new fabulous makeover that your lettering…

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Do you want to stand out?

I hope, fingers and toes crossed, that your answer to that is yes. If it was no, keep lettering by copying other people’s work and that’s cool, but you aren’t really growing your own talent. Eek, don’t hate me, but I had to say it. Because I’m will never tell you to copy what I do.…

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Launch your successful hand lettering social media account

I’m going to be totally honest with you… when I started lettering and putting my work on social media and Instagram, I had no idea what I was doing. But there are a few key things that I’ve learned that are pivotal in having a successful social media presence for hand lettering. AUDIENCE The first thing…

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The power of foam core

  Yep. That’s a super weird blog title. But it’s the truth! A single piece of foam core can be the most powerful lighting trick that you use to take the photos of your hand lettering pieces to the next level. So pop on down to the Dollar Store and get a piece or two…

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How to take perfect lettering photos every time. Period.

If you are a calligrapher or letterer, especially if you are someone who wants to gain followers on social media or make a portfolio that pops, clean, crisp lettering photos are a must. I still rock an iPhone 5S and I am able to go from taking a ho-hum photo to sharing a perfect photo in…

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Find Your Own Style

  One of the most important things that you can do as a hand lettering artist (intermediate, advanced or newbie) is to develop your own style. My Let’s Start Lettering online course teaches you a foundation in both printed and script lettering and variations but it also goes into how to develop your own style.…

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How to Choose the Right Paper for Hand Lettering and Calligraphy


We’ve all been there. You’ve researched, asked questions and finally pulled the trigger on your first order of pens so that you too can learn hand lettering and they have arrived. The heavens have parted, a ray of sun is shining down directly on your doorstep as you hold the box above your head victorious.…

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I don’t know if you’re like me, with an exploding collection of art supplies, half of which you never use, but, if you are, then the likelihood is that someone has tried to craft-intervention you before. “Amanda, your addiction to art supplies is affecting me negatively in the following ways… we don’t have any more…

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Get a full list of supplies for hand lettering and calligraphy | Amanda Arneill


I have a large collection of pens, it’s true, and I use different pens for different purposes, but I also have a handful of pens that I reach for over and over again. To save you time (and money!) I will give you the low down on my favourite go-to pens in this Question and…

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