Are you still searching for the perfect Procreate brush that fits your lettering style to a "T"? Or frustrated that you keep buying brushes that aren't what you expected them to be?

You should create your own!

Okay, maybe you've already thought about creating your own but you don't know where to start or how to get the outcome that you want.

Transform this from a dream to reality and start to create your own perfect brushes!

With the Procreate Brush Creation Power Course, taught by Stefan Kunz and hosted by Amanda Arneill, you will learn 3 distinct methods to successfully start, develop and finish your brush, with the end result in mind. Before you know it, your own perfect Procreate brushes will be right at your fingertips!

Brush Pens

Every time I open Procreate, I see one thing - a bloated Procreate brush library. And it's not because I have a whole collection of amazing brushes... quite the opposite! I have a handful that I use and a whole bunch that I purchased but didn't end up being that perfect brush that I had dreamed of.

Here's why - I'm not the brush creator! It was another artist designing a brush based on their aesthetic, artistic style and brush use (everything from how they hold the Apple pencil to the angle that they write at which makes the brush work great for them, but not so great for the rest of us). I was done with wasting my money buying brushes that just ended up being pushed to the side and sick of being disappointed as I searched for that elusive "perfect brush."

And then I realized that you and I are creators too! Not only are we able to create our own lettering pieces, but we can also create our own personal and perfect Procreate brushes designed by us and for us. (And, hey, if someone else likes them, maybe we can even sell those brushes to others!)

But then here came the next problem - I had an idea of the brush that I wanted and I knew I wanted to make my own brush but I wasn't sure how to do that in a way that wasn't just messing around with random settings, with no methodical plan, and simply crossing my fingers and toes in hopes that the perfect brush would magically fall in my lap. There's a better chance that a unicorn on rainbow glitter roller skates will fall into my lap (and while I'm sure the likelihood of falling would be increased exponentially by 4 glittery roller skates but I'm still 99.34% certain that unicorns don't exist).

Well, he might not have been a unicorn, and he definitely wasn't wearing glittery roller skates (because he usually just wears black), but in walked Stefan Kunz, and he brought the Procreate brush creation magic that would make these perfect brushes possible.


In the Procreate Brush Creation Power Course, creating your perfect brush is made easy with Stefan's systematic approach to goal-oriented brush creation.

deDuring this Power Course, Stefan takes you through the steps of creating brushes with your desired brush outcome in mind. Learn to approach brush creation in 3 different ways:

  • from the marks of a physical marker or brush
  • by using an existing brush as a base
  • from nothing more than the inspiration of a digital image

The one thing that each of Stefan's approaches have in common is a methodical, analytical approach. This makes them the exact opposite of the shot-in-the-dark, fingers crossed sort of way that so many of us are used to.









With Procreate Brush Creation you will learn:

  • how to methodically approach brush creation

  • the exact adjustments to make to mimic a natural brush

  • how to create brushes with a purpose

  • how to organize the creation process

  • how to systematically test and tweak brushes in stages


  • Welcome and Getting Started (2:43)
  • Creating a Basic Brush (6:13)
  • Using Your Template (3:48)
  • Creating a Specific Brush Shape (10:32)
  • Modifying Pencil Pressure (5:08)
  • An Overview of Common Modifications (2:39)
  • Why Spacing Matters (1:56)
  • Modifying Grain Patterns (5:55)
  • Nuances of Pen Edges (4:23)
  • Multiple Changes to an Existing Brush (9:03)
  • Specific Grain Selection (4:33)
  • Creating a Brush from an Image (7:13)
  • Finalizing Your Brushes (2:02)

Frequently Asked Questions


A power course is a course that is very specifically focused on a few techniques. It is a condensed, shorter online course that allows you to "power though" a subject (at your own pace, of course!). But just like all my other courses, once you're registered, you have lifetime access.


Since this course is designed around Procreate, you will need an iPad, a pressure sensitive stylus (preferably the Apple pencil), and the Procreate app.

What is the course schedule? How long do I have to complete the course?

The Procreate Brush Creation Power Course is comprised of online video lessons and other downloadable course content. The course will be ready for you to start upon registration, but you don't have to start then. The course can be watched on your own time when it is convenient for you. It is a self-paced course and your access never expires. You can work through the course when, where and as many times as you'd like!


This course assumes some general knowledge about the Procreate interface. Typically, you should be familiar enough with iPad lettering to have desired brush outcomes in mind but, I know that a lot of starting iPad lettering strong comes from the brush you use. What better way to ensure you have the right brush, than to create your own?!

Is this course taught using the current version of procreate?

The wonderful people at Procreate are kind enough to provide iPad users with constant Procreate updates, therefore, the version that you are currently using may be slightly different than the one in this course. But don't worry! The theories and techniques taught in this Power Course remain unchanged and having a slightly updated version of this app will not hinder your ability to learn.


There is not a FB group for this course. Power Courses are designed to have a more self directed focus to accommodate a lower price point. As soon as you finish the course, you'll be off creating brushes anyway!