The Ultimate Guide to Procreate 5 Online Course

The Ultimate Guide to Procreate 5 Online Course

Procreate 5 is the hugest overhaul that the Procreate app has seen to date.

This update includes the ability to easily create your own IG stickers, GIFs, animated lettering and animated images. The brush creator has more than doubled its functionality which means that it is easy to create any custom brush you would like. The ability to maximize your creative time and output with Procreate 5’s updates is a game changer.

But adding all of these new functions mean having to learn how to use them all! This online course will help you avoid wasting a single moment of your precious creative time trying to figure it out with hours and hours of trial and error. And you’ll want to figure this new version of Procreate out because it’s going to change how you work on your iPad!

Karin Newport of @ipadlettering has had access to the Procreate Beta since its very first day out of the gate. That, combined with over 4 years of daily iPad creations, over 1000 iPad brushes made, and being a coder herself, makes her the perfect person to teach you and me how to master the full potential of Procreate 5.

With the Ultimate Guide to Procreate 5, designed to coincide with the imminent release of Procreate 5, you will dive deep into the functions of Procreate that have emerged since iPad Bootcamp. That means using liquify, the brush creator and animation in a whole new set of projects!

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