Turn your hobby to a Jobby

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If you want to start a business, and do it right from day 1, then you're in the right place.

The dream of having a side business and the reality of making it happen can be two very different things. You can spend lots of time piecing together ideas of what your business should be, but let's make those dreams a reality.

Based in the practical application of theory, I developed this course to be the most intense course ever. Not intense scary, but intense step-by-step and chalk-a-block full of information you need to start a business, plan a business and nail a business.


I'll show you all the things that I do in my business and then we'll apply them to yours.

You are so very welcome here Lettered Art Print

Stop wondering and become empowered! Figure out exactly what you should sell, how to sell it and how to make yourself stand apart.

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Work step-by-step through the creation of your business. From start to finish, we do it all together with assignments, deadlines and feedback to make sure this happens.

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Test out your ideas, try out your website, avoid costly mistakes and do things right the first time!

Here's how the course works

Each week we will have one module to cover so it's manageable and you don't feel too overwhelmed.

You will get the module and the workbook at the beginning of the week and have the week to complete it. At the end of the module there will be a scheduled live lesson that will teach a business concept or topic and allow for a live Q&A of the work from the week. (Of course, you have unlimited access to the course so if you fall behind, that's not a problem... but try to keep up!)

By the time you're done the course, you will have a business plan (not the old farty kind, but one that will have your business goals, action plan, style guide and customer guide set out), your website will be started with lots of pages ready to go, your shop items will have amazing images and descriptions to convert, and you'll be ready with a solid social media plan and an email list plan vital for a healthy shop!

Here's our schedule

Module 1:  The Basis of Your Business

In this module, combine your skills, talent, passion and interests with the business side of things to determine just what you should be selling. You'll establish a shortlist of items and item ideas and a full list of goals for the first 6 months of your business.

Weekly Live Lesson Topic:


Module 2: Your Business Plan

In one week you will develop a business plan that establishes the look and feel of your brand with customer experience and response as the focus. Forget creating a business for yourself, you're creating it for the customer - they're the whole reason why you're able to have a business. Remember that if you don't have sales, it's still just a hobby.

Weekly Live Lesson Topic:

Dealing with Clients

Module 3: The Backend of Your Business 

From Day 1 you've wanted to create your name and logo, but it's only now, after those first two modules, that you can create one that will serve your business and your customers well. This week, you'll get to create your name, tag line, logo and get a first look at some important financial info.

Weekly Live Lesson Topic:

Reaching Out

Module 4: Your Shop APPEAL

Get ready for this Module! Your photography is about to take off. This week you will work through a photography and editing bootcamp, with tricks you need to take your photos from mediocre to crisp, clean and stunning. I'll also be showing you tricks to get stuff up on your shop without wasting time. There's a lot to cover this week but it'll pay off when your shop to looks amazing!

Weekly Live Lesson Topic:


Module 5: Your Shop and Pricing

It's time to talk about the money... and convince people to give it to you in exchange for the things you create. While everything is important, pricing your items correctly and writing item descriptions that will get your customer excited to purchase is a must. This Module will not only give you an idea of how to price, but you'll also learn to value your time, talent and skills and know when to say no to a job.

Weekly Live Lesson Topic:

Social Media Strategies

Module 6: Getting your customers' attention

Social media and email lists are some of the best ways to get sales. But there's a right way to do it and a very wrong way. This week we will develop a plan for your marketing, equip you with so many ideas for how to take these post basics and make you excited to reach out to your customers.

Weekly Live Lesson Topics:

Best Email Practices

Module 7: The Others

Things you might not know about like legal stuff to look into for your business, how to make money off telling people what pen you're using and what the life of a small business owner really looks like. Leaving no stone unturned here folks!

Weekly Live Lesson Topics:

How to make SEO work for you

Module 8:  Your Website

Forget using a website that has built in competition (I'm looking at you Etsy). You need your own website. Let's take away the stress of creating a website from scratch by planning out just the pages you need while focusing on your Call to Action and customer experience. Make your website a treasure hunt map that they can follow right to a purchase. We will work step by step through exactly how to create your website.

Weekly Live Lesson Topics:

Website Freak-Out

The Wrap Up

It's time to launch your business! This week we will also go over some fun add ons to help make your biz even more fancy pants while you continue working on your website development.

Let's Do this!

Maggie H

- Maggie H. of @maggiescript

"After H2J, I’m actually launching my website tomorrow!!! I'm terrified and excited, and will nitpick every single detail forever and ever, but it’s time to pull the trigger and just do it!

One of our live sessions talking about reaching out to people. I stepped out of my comfort zone, reached out and now I'm a Tombow Brand Ambassador!

Not only have you helped me develop my lettering, but now I have the confidence to move forward professionally which is invaluable, and quite frankly still hard for me to believe. AND I know this is just the beginning!

I’ve managed to grow my Instagram to around 33k, and along with being a Tombow Brand Ambassador, this feels like a good, natural step. I’ve been doing custom work, and have sold 20+ designs to a local boutique (which actually has several stores throughout the US now!) that they have used for apparel and other things.

That process itself has been an incredible experience for me.

I truly feel like I would have grown a love for lettering regardless, but you gave me ALL of the tools to make every one of these things possible for myself, and I hope to just continue learning and growing, in my business and for fun.

Thank you so much for doing what you do. And thank you for everything you’ve done for me."

In Turn Your Hobby to a Jobby, you get:


Six hours of videos with the core course material to get you business-ready


Eight one-hour live lessons on topics that delve deeper into areas like copyright, contracts, social media strategies, best email practices and dealing with clients and customers, followed by Q&A about the week's module


Over 150 pages of worksheets to implement each and every one of the strategies in the course to take your new knowledge and transform it into action


A deep understanding about both the big ideas and those ever-important tiny details that can make or break a business


All the secrets, tips, strategies and cheats that I've used to build a dedicated following, customers who want to purchase and ways to keep them coming back for more


Enrollment in a secret Facebook group to help motivate you, encourage you and be able to bounce ideas off one another with feedback on your progress


The confidence that you need to feel ready, look ready and finally launch your business

It's time to hold hands and jump

In Turn Your Hobby to a Jobby, I'm not going to tell you how to take your business dreams and make an empire. I'm going to tell you the smart way to create your business so that you stand out from the rest. I'll tell you my secrets for having people give a rat's patoot about you and, in turn, also care about what you create. I'm going to give you all the help that I can so that you don't miss out on time with your friends and family because you're wasting hours on things for your business that won't make a lick of difference. Because there is a better way to do it!


- Tina M. of @lovely.letterings

"Amanda!!! I have to say WOW!!! This course is mind blowing!!!

The best thing you ever did! (Not that your other courses aren't freaking amazing, but this one is a total game changer!! And I'm only at the beginning!)"

You may be wondering...

It's business time baby!