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Supplies and Pen reviews

I'm wasting money on pens so you don't have to! No more buying duds with these brutally honest pen review videos. I will be updating this series regularly so keep checking back as new reviews are posted!

There are so many supplies that I do love and always use. Check out the basics right here.



Join the "Word of the Week" club! What is the "Word of the Week" club? It is a free, weekly hand lettering worksheet series. Once a week, you will get the "Word of the Week" worksheet sent straight to your inbox. Each worksheet will focus on one word, give some tips for mastering the week's word and contain tracing guidelines for you to practice, practice, practice until you've confidently got it down. Then you'll be ready to tackle a new word the next week!

Whether you letter with a brush pen on paper or with your Apple Pencil on your iPad - this free worksheet series is for you! 

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Flourishing is tricky, but it doesn't have to be. Sign up to learn all of the basics of flourishing so you can flourish like a boss!

Letter Better

I've got free video lessons just for you! And the best part is that each of them is only the length of a commercial break.

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