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How To Get a Perfect, Consistent Downstroke for Your Lettering

Having a nice, consistent downstroke is the backbone of all your hand lettering projects. The contrast between the thick downstrokes and thin upstrokes is absolute key! Without this, it’s just handwriting. Which is not what we want! When it comes to downstrokes, the questions that always come up are, “How big/wide/thick should my downstrokes be?”…

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Metallic Match-Up: Which Metallic Pen is the Best?

Who can resist something shiny? Much like Tamatoa from Moana, I cannot! But unfortunately not all that glitters is gold and, in our case, not all that glitters makes for a great metallic pen. The other day I got the question, “Which metallic marker is the best?” I thought this would be a great mini-series…

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“What’s That Pen?” Cheatsheet

If you’re looking for the cheatsheet to the “What’s That Pen?” series – you’re in the right place! Just scroll down to see a brief overview of every pen that has been reviewed (so far) and click here to see the full series!

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Finding the Perfect Paper to Make Your Brush Pens Last!

One of the sad realities of brush lettering is the discovery that even the best of brush markers don’t last forever! It’s crushing, like back when you first discovered that Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy aren’t real (I’m sorry if this blog post has brought all these realizations at once!). BUT the…

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Pen Storage 101

No matter what your budget, storage space or brush pen collection may be, you’re in the right place to find the perfect brush pen storage for you! Watch the video below to find your brush pen collection’s perfect home. You’ll also find all of the products mentioned linked below. I hope that you find this…

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DIY Summer Paper Flower Wreath

Summer is upon us…and many of us are still stuck indoors right now for the most part. Let’s bring the outdoors in with this simple but stunning craft idea – a flower wreath made from paper. This is such a straightforward craft that you can easily enjoy it with your kids as you work together…

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Top 5 Easy Ways You Can Fix Your Lettering Now!

Looking for some brush lettering fixes? You’re in the right place! Bad habits – we all have them! I will be the first to put up my hand and admit that I played a bit too much Animal Crossing over the period of lockdown. The other day, my husband ran inside to wake me up…

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Free Karin Brushmarker PRO Tutorial Series

If you’ve been keeping up with the “What’s That Pen” pen review series, you will know that one of my absolute favorite pen sets right now is the Karin Brushmarker PRO. The potential of these pens and how you can take advantage of its watercolor ink (delivered in a super convenient, portable “pen vehicle”, as…

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Sentimental Valentine’s Day Flip Book of Love Notes

My husband is an obsessive purger. You know how there are hoarders? Well, he is the exact opposite. But I am not. I have toys from my childhood, like a game of Memory, that I remember spending hours playing as a kid. Now that I have passed it on to my kids, I love seeing them…

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Easy Classroom Valentine’s Day Gift Idea and Free Printable

It’s that time of year again! Just when you think you’re done having to think of unique gift ideas after the Christmas holiday season, Valentine’s Day sneaks up on you, cupid shoots you with an arrow right on your bum (who gave that baby a weapon?) and it’s time to think of another creative (hopefully…

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DIY Easy Holiday Shadowbox Tutorial

Recently, I asked you on my IG post if you wanted to see a shadowbox tutorial for this piece: The answer was a resounding yes – so here it is for you! You’re clearly as much of a fan of inexpensive, easy DIY holiday gifts that look like a million bucks as I am! If…

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Free Thanksgiving Fill-in Printables in 5 Sizes

This time of year is a great excuse to let the people in our lives know that we’re thankful for them and why we appreciate them so much. Sometimes it’s the small acts of kindness or parts of a loved one’s personality that may play a huge part in why you are thankful for them…

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DIY Personalized Advent Calendar

At the end of this year, my amazingly hardworking mom is retiring after close to 50 years of being in the workforce (with that being said, she would probably like me to note here that she started working as a fetus 😉). With this being the season of everything advent calendars, my sister and I…

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What’s That Pen? Honest Pen Review Series

Everyone has that one, (technically) non-essential spending habit that they cringe at the thought of having to add up how much that habit has cost them over time. For you, it might be your daily cup of coffee at your local coffee spot, a monthly subscription service, or indulging in those shiny, tempting knick knacks…

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Top 5 Tips for Getting Started with Bible Lettering

Hands down more people have told me about how much they love Bible Lettering than any other type of lettering. But, if you’re at all like me, unless you know how to start, you won’t. So I wanted to make sure that you can start Bible Lettering without fear! It’s time for my Top 5…

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