What’s That Pen? Honest Pen Review Series

Everyone has that one, (technically) non-essential spending habit that they cringe at the thought of having to add up how much that habit has cost them over time. For you, it might be your daily cup of coffee at your local coffee spot, a monthly subscription service, or indulging in those shiny, tempting knick knacks in the checkout line. For me – it’s pens. I cannot even begin to add up the cost of this pen habit over time (nor do I want to!). But I can tell you that some of that money was definitely wasted, and some of it was incredibly well spent. So I wanted to start this new, honest pen review video series for you called “What’s That Pen?”.

My hope for this honest pen review series is that you don’t waste your money and can buy the perfect pen for your needs, preferences and specific projects.

For these reviews, I will be using this comprehensive pen review worksheet. You can find your own free copy of this printable worksheet right here. I will also be uploading the completed worksheet for each pen in reviews below.

I will be regularly updating new pen reviews and adding them to this post. Just click on the pen name below to jump to a particular honest pen review. There will be a lot…probably an embarrassing number. So be sure to check back regularly or subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you will know when a new pen review is posted!

Now let’s get “write” to the point!

xo Amanda

src=”https://amandaarneill.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Pen-review-Pinnable.png” alt=”Get quick, honest pen reviews for all your creative needs from Amanda Arneill of amandaarneill.com. Find your perfect pen!”


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Products mentioned: Crayola Brush & Detail Dual-Tip Markers | HP Premium 32 Paper | Superfine Smooth Cardstock

Products mentioned: Edding 1340 Brush Pens

Products mentioned: MozArt Supplies Single Brush Pens

Products mentioned: Kuretake Zig Brushable Markers (they also regularly go on sale at Blick)

Products mentioned: Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pens

Products mentioned: Sharpie Brush Pens (it also comes without the case for a few dollars cheaper)

Products mentioned: Prismacolor Scholar Brush Markers (they also regularly go on sale at Blick) | HP Premium 32 Paper | Superfine Smooth Cardstock


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