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Have you hit it? That point, a few months after the novelty of lettering has worn off, when you feel like everything you create looks the same as everything else you’ve created? And even worse than that, it looks like everything everyone else is creating as well? You want to make stunning, complex pieces but there are so many things you have to learn first: layout, composition, more lettering, flourishing, embellishments. The list goes on and on.

Enter Let’s Keep Lettering and The Perfect Piece: two separate, yet complimentary, intermediate courses specifically designed to expand your scope, give you natural variety, and help you create stand-out, fully composed lettering pieces with all the bells and whistles like flourishing and embellishments.

Intermediate CoursesLearning the basics of lettering is easy; you can teach yourself, go to a live workshop or take an online course, but there is a vacuum when it comes to something more.

It is so hard to find more about how to take your lettering to the next level where you will stand apart and not have to worry about comparing yourself to anyone else again, because you’re the one with the mad skillz (that’s right, the skills are so good, they’re skillz). No one wants to share that because they are so afraid of the competition that it will create once they give away their secrets.

But here’s why I share it… I came to a point in my life where I felt like I had lost myself. My whole life was about being a mom (ugh, the laundry), a wife (who always cooked dinner) and trying to keep a sense of self-worth by also working as a teacher. I was drowning in everything that I was doing for everyone else. I needed something that I could control that belonged ALL to me.  When I started lettering, my life started to change.  Before I knew it, lettering went from a hobby to a side business to, now, my full-time passion. I am still a mom and a wife but I also call myself an lettering artist and a business woman and I have such a sense of purpose that I was missing before. I can honestly tell you that I’m not worried about giving away my serious secrets and creating competition because I know how life changing lettering has been for me. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to experience that as well!!

I’m now working full-time doing something I love and it gives me more time to be with my girls than my traditional job ever did. Why wouldn’t I want a life like that for you too? Sometimes it baffles my mind that the 26 characters of the alphabet could be so life-changing, but they totally are.

Amanda Arneill

Why are these classes so important?

I am going to be totally transparent here and tell you that I have a dozen companies that I work with in some capacity or another and I have not gone after a single one of them. They all came to me. I literally sat around in my sweatpants lettering away and companies contacted me to work with them.

And do you know what their consistent comment was? It was “your work is so unique and we love how much variety you have.”

If you think that one style is enough to stand out as a lettering artist, or even hold your interest in lettering long-term, with time, you will realize that it simply isn’t. When I started out, I thought that it was enough as well. But then I had to create a piece for my cousin’s daughter and nothing I created was good enough. I didn’t want to give her a piece that I didn’t love myself. So I pushed myself father and, with new styles and a serious focus on composition, I was able to create a piece that mere months before would have been totally beyond my reach.

Having only a few styles doesn’t give you the flexibility to produce pieces that have the right variety, novelty and interest to make yourself unique. It’s like trying to build a house with only a saw and screwdriver. Without a full set of tools, there will always be limitations to what you can do. But you don’t have to stay stuck within those limitations…

Amanda Arneill Lettering Dominance Course ComboIf you’re hesitating, maybe that’s because you’ve taken lettering courses in the past and they were a huge waste of money. Me too! Ugh, don’t even get me started on that! But this course is totally different. It is an investment in your development as a lettering artist, not a feel-good “just try it out” sort of course.

I’m not creating a plan here for you to continue to struggle after the course is over, rather you will see a dramatic spike in what you are able to create: increased variety, consistent composition and recipes for gorgeous work.

When I got my first paid lettering gig, I knew that I was in way over my head and I was peeing-in-my-pants scared. I was so overwhelmed and didn’t have the layout and lettering skills that I needed. I spent a ridiculous 20+ hours on the one piece. There was night after night of putting my kids to bed and sitting by myself, away from my husband, slaving over this one piece that I made a whopping $40 from. One night my husband walked over and asked me if this was worth it. And the way I was doing it, it wasn’t. I was totally frightened and in way over my head.

I don’t want to see you go through anything like that. You don’t need to waste the time that I did or go through those same struggles. With Let’s Keep Lettering and The Perfect Piece you will master the styles you need and the fool-proof steps to minimize your time and still create a stunning final piece that both you and your client will love.

Amanda Arneill | Intermediate Courses

You might also be hesitating to take these intermediate courses because you think art is hard to teach online. Well, I would absolutely agree with you! But here’s the thing, not only do I do lettering art, but I’m also a certified teacher with a decade of experience, a Bachelors of Education and a Masters degree in Curriculum Studies. When I’m not lettering, I teach, so teaching lettering just brings it altogether.

There are so many online students of mine who have gone from having no lettering knowledge to now having successful online shops and products!

Amanda Arneill | Learn Hand Lettering

Sure, you’re lettering, but are you an artist? Oh man, I had the hardest time calling myself an artist. I believed that I could only be an artist after I was making money with my art (apparently I had never heard of the whole “starving artist” idea), so when people asked what my business was, I would say, “I do lettering.” Well, now I proudly call myself a lettering artist.

But what was that a-ha moment? My work still isn’t in galleries anywhere, nor do I forsee that happening, but one night, when I was working late into the night on some lettering pieces that I was doing for a client, my husband asked me if I loved what I was doing. I looked up at him with ink smeared across my fingers, a crick in my back from crouching over the massive canvas and, after a minute, I smiled. Because, yes, I do love it. A week later he asked me if I wanted to take the plunge and quit my job to work on lettering full-time and I haven’t looked back.

I want to give you that same opportunity to upgrade your destiny.

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Let's Keep Lettering Course Benefits and Features

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The Perfect Piece Course Benefits and Features

What makes the course combo the best?

Other than the obvious bit about learning everything included in both of the courses, the skills you will learn in the courses build off one another and compliment each other perfectly. But there is so much extra that you also get by signing up for the course combo. It isn’t called Your Complete Package for Lettering Dominance for no reason!

Course Combo Benefits

Registration in the courses are only open for a short period of time so I can fully give myself to the students who register for the combo! Course combo students get access to a secret Lettering Dominance Facebook group that I will be in daily. This group is the perfect place to share your work without hesitation or embarrassment, ask your questions and get totally open and honest feedback from myself and your peers (though you can decide just how honest you want it, of course).

When you register in both courses, I will also send you weekly check-in emails to help move you through them successfully. No one likes buying a course that they don’t finish! The roadmap that I’ll give you will help you, not just start the course, but also finish it (heaven only knows we’re all registered in enough half completed ones!!).

If you take both of the courses, you’ll have me and your peers walking along beside you keeping you accountable as your coach and team (though, don’t worry, I won’t ever try to coach you in anything sports related. I’m not even good enough at to play baseball with my four year old.). Go, Team Lettering!


How do I know if the intermediate level courses are right for me?

The easiest way to answer this would be to ask you a few questions back. Have you taken Let’s Start Lettering or another beginner lettering course? Do you feel confident with your brush lettering basics? Do you love to carve out time to practice your lettering? Do you feel like you’ve gotten good at writing simple words but you want to be able to create the lettering pieces that you drool over in your social media feed?

If you said yes, yes, yes to these questions, then you’re so ready for this!

What tools do I need?

Since this is an Intermediate class, you’ve probably already have amassed a small collection of your favourite pens so you’re not starting from scratch. Are your pens running dry? Well, fear not! By registering in one of the courses (either one), you’ll get a bonus happy mail package of three of my favourite pens: the Tombow Fudenosuke hard nib (obviously), a crisp black Tombow Dual Brush pen and a perfect grey Dual Brush pen.

If you register for the course combo, you will get these three pens and also a 10 pack of Tombow Dual Brush markers. So much pen goodness!!

Some of the pens that I use most often, and use in the course, are the Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Nib and Soft Nib pens and the Tombow Dual Brush Marker in black. The other supplies that I use are Strathmore tracing paperpencilsa soft white eraser (definitely don’t cheap out on this!), a cheap lined notebook and paper. If you need any of those items, just click on an item on the list to quickly add it to your Amazon shopping cart.

But remember that, there are pens coming your way when you register!! Boom!

Why should I take both courses instead of just one?

Well, more pens, of course! But even more importantly, Your Complete Package for Lettering Dominance course combo also comes with those invaluable weekly check ins, a roadmap to completion, and the supportive, closed Lettering Dominance Facebook group for questions, building relationships and getting completely personal feedback on the pieces you share… And did I mention that the combo comes with more pens!? An extra 10 pack of Tombow Dual Brush markers to be exact!

While one course costs less than two, the combo pays for itself by expanding your skills in a way that one of them alone never could. It’s like trying to paint a masterpiece. You need all of the tools. If you have paint and not a brush, you’ll still be able to create a painting but your abilities will be seriously limited. In the same way, taking only one of the courses will give you some tools, but not all of them. It’s time for you to make masterpieces!!

Do I need to be able to work through the course on a certain schedule?

All of the courses are composed of video lessons that you can watch on your own time when it is convenient for you.

If you’re in the course combo, you’ll have road map that shows you which lessons you should try to cover in a week and then post some practice pieces on our closed Facebook group for input, comments and critique (friendly critique, of course!). And I’ll also be keeping you on track with check in emails each week!

What if I don’t get the course done in the time that the roadmap suggests?

No problem at all! You own access to the course and you can work on it any time that works with your schedule. I know you’re busy and I want to help you achieve your goals even if that means that it takes you a little bit longer. Six weeks might not work for everyone and you can access the course well after that!!

Can I register even after the course registration period is over?

In order for me to serve people in the course, the registration period is only going to be one week long. That will create a cohort of amazing letterers who will work through the course together, supporting each other along the way! Lettering is always better in a community and this is how we will do it. I want to be able to give you my all and the best experience you’ve ever had in an online course!

When will you be opening registration again?

The course won’t be launching again until the end of 2016.

Can’t I learn this stuff from my BFF… Google?

If this was a beginner level course I would say, with lots of time, effort, and scouring every blog, video, Facebook group and artist feed online, you probably could. But these are the types of lettering secrets that lettering artists usually keep to themselves because they don’t want to create competition. Lucky for you that I see this more as building a community than worrying about competition!

I also know how hard this stuff is to learn on your own through trial and error. No one has the time for that! So, the course combo is designed to give you the skills you need for lettering awesomeness without all of that wasted time practicing and searching Pinterest and YouTube and copying people’s Instagram posts. Forget that! We’re here to make our own magic!

Do these intermediate courses teach the basics as well?

Heading into these courses, you do need to already have the basics of lettering. If you need to learn the basics of lettering, Let’s Start Lettering is the perfect course for you!

Eek! I just don’t know if I’m good enough for this course yet!?

Pop back up to the first FAQ; Do you have the basics down and do you want to learn more about lettering? You can totally keep learning when you can at your own pace by yourself but the results you see won’t be nearly as amazing as what you’ll be capable of after taking this course. I know what it’s like to be afraid to put yourself out there because you’re worried that you won’t be good enough and I’ve avoided too many potentially awesome opportunities because I got stuck in that worry. I want so much more for you! This isn’t just about taking a course. It’s about working together to bring you to that place where you just can’t wait to show off the amazing lettering that you’re able to do. You might not think you’re good enough now, but let’s change that!

BrittanyMy heart is with my day job, but I’m so fortunate that I have also been able to cultivate this passion for lettering and turn it into a nice little side hustle. And I honestly don’t know if all of this would be happening right now without the aha moments I had during Amanda’s class.

You may not consider yourself a lettering artist before taking her courses, but you’re probably going to start calling yourself one afterward.

xo Brittany

Amanda White Smile

If you’re ready to see just how far your lettering to go while we share the journey together, it’s time to invest in yourself and your dreams. We’re not leaving anything up to chance here. It’s time for you to have the tools and the confidence to take a piece of paper, a pen and an idea and make beautiful things (and even money) from it.

Let's Do This!