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You’ve seen it on Instagram, all through stores and everywhere you turn. Hand lettering is all over and now it is your turn to join the revolution! What if I told you that I am certain that you can master basic hand lettering? You may think I’m talking crazy, but I know that I’m not!

It is a struggle and a waste of time to weed through YouTube tutorials, Pinterest posts, blogs and Instagram accounts to attempt to figure out the basics of lettering.

My Let’s Start Lettering Online Course brings everything you need to know together in one place with complete instruction, natural progression, and lots of tips and tricks, so that, instead of wasting anymore of your time struggling to learn alone, you will be well on your way towards mastering this stunning skill.


At a Glance

Let's Start Lettering

With four and a half hours of instructional video, a dozen sets of worksheets and so many tricks that I’ve learned along the way, you will be set up for success.

Let's Start Lettering

Are you busy? No problem! You can work through the course at your own pace in your own time. Your access doesn’t expire.


By the end of the course, you will be lettering up a storm, attracting new followers with your amazing skills and able to impress everyone you know with your newfound talent.

Real Talk from Students

I have progressed exponentially since beginning the course. I have rekindled my love of lettering because I finally have the right tools and the confidence and reassurance that I'm "doing it right." Now I can't stop practicing. Your course is an investment I'm SO GLAD I made!

- Lauren


 I have gone through countless Youtube videos and Pinterest tutorials and have never found anything with the detail and guidance that I was looking for. Your program is just perfect!

- Ashley

This course was seriously like sitting down with your best friend and she is telling you all of her secrets!! It made me want to fly to Canada and give her a big hug and say, "Yes, yes! I'm so excited about this!"

Tombow Dual Brush


Hand lettering looks easy, but it can actually be very hard. Let’s Start Lettering takes the stress out of learning to letter and leaves you with a new found passion! I make the strokes foolproof and provide you with all of the tips, tricks and knowledge that you need to learn to love lettering too.


If you are new to hand lettering or you’re only just starting, then this course is for you! I will save you weeks of frustration and catapult you from basic knowledge to a serious understanding of letterforms and guiding principles for your hand lettering. You will learn the basics of using a brush pen and how to use one to form each and every letter. Some letters are trickier than others but I’ve broken each one of them down into a few easy strokes and shared some special tricks to ensuring that each letter is perfect every single time.

Amanda Arneill | Intermediate Courses


The course is split into 8 modules with each module being comprised of individual lessons. Each lesson has both a written portion and a full video portion to walk you step by step through each learning objective. There are also a plethora of downloads which include a complete sample alphabet and practice sheet for each of the lettering styles taught. With over 3 hours of video, specific tips and tricks, a stack of downloads and written lessons, there is no way that you won’t be lettering up a storm when we are done.

The Modules


Everything you need

Discover the supplies and materials that will bring you the most success while being easy on your wallet


Basic Strokes

Master the foundation of the printed alphabet by breaking it down into its basics and writing along


Printed Perfection

Time to put the strokes together into the lowercase printed alphabet - the simplest alphabet to start with


Lettering Up

The printed alphabet isn't complete without some perfect captials 


Getting Fancy

You've got the basics with the printed alphabet but now you'll create stunning cursive letters as well


The Finishing Touch

The uppercase script alphabet gives you the perfect balance of beauty and basics


Putting it Together

Writing letters is one thing, but putting them together beautifully into words is even more important


Letter Everywhere

Start to put your lettering to work by adding it to your life on envelopes, notebooks and more


Bonus Module: Numbers

There's more than just letters... like three different styles of numbers as well! Learn them all with this bonus

Your supplies


To get ready for “Let’s Start Lettering,” you will need the following supplies…


Optional supplies are…

  • a Rhodia pad (unlined)

  • different brush pens (though I strongly suggest first learning with the Tombow Fudenosuke hard nib pen)

  • acid free, smooth finish card stock for final pieces

What over 1000 students are saying...

There are no better courses out there! (Believe me, I know what I'm talking about because I took a course with someone else who is huge on Instagram and I was so disappointed.) This course showed me exactly how to create each and every letter and it was fun too! Amanda is an incredible teacher!

- Tina

“I ran across your Instagram account by coincidence after watching hundreds of calligraphy videos. When I saw you were launching your first lettering course I decided this would be my opportunity learn how to letter and help ease my mind after work every day. I have found so much comfort and joy in learning how to letter with your course. Thank you so much for taking the time to create it, it’s been my life saver!”

– Haylee 


"I was that girl who said "I can never do calligraphy -- my handwriting is too ugly." But I signed up for your beginner course the minute you launched it way back when. Because of you, I jumped head on into calligraphy. In 6 months, I gained 11k followers!! Holy cow right?

Atlanta Voyage Magazine just reached out to me and wanted to feature me, ME of all the people! They're asking me questions like why or how I started and I just wanted to say my answer is and will be - YOU!"

- Lindsey

Frequently Asked Questions

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