Bullet Journal Bootcamp Online Course

Bullet Journal Bootcamp Online Course

It’s time to stop stressing and start bullet journaling with the Bullet Journal Bootcamp online course.

With this online course you get:

  • access to all video lessons that never expires. Work at your own pace!
  • a full downloadable course workbook
  • a fully linked supply list
  • all course downloads used within the course content

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Using a bullet journal isn’t like any other planner system I’ve tried to use in the past, only to abandon it after a few months because of one reason or another. I feel so lame saying this but using a bullet journal is honestly life changing.

In one single book there is:

  • a place for yearly scheduling
  • monthly planning so I know what’s coming up
  • daily to dos so I don’t forget a single thing
  • meal planning in such a way that I spend no more than 3 minutes a week thinking about what we’re going to eat tomorrow
  • grocery lists that are one and done for the whole year
  • defined note space to say goodbye to lost scraps of paper and post-its
  • hourly scheduling to fix the days when your brain can’t hold it all
  • goal tracking because writing it down keeps you accountable
  • gratitude lists to see the gift in each day
  • art to use your creativity to make beautiful things
  • planning, brainstorming, list-taking and, most importantly…
  • the ability to breathe and know that you’ve got it under control

Life is busy, but you can manage it!

With the right pages, the right systems and the right plans, using your bullet journal will give you so much peace of mind.

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$ 149.00