Top 5 Easy Ways You Can Fix Your Lettering Now!

Looking for some brush lettering fixes? You’re in the right place!

Bad habits – we all have them! I will be the first to put up my hand and admit that I played a bit too much Animal Crossing over the period of lockdown. The other day, my husband ran inside to wake me up from a nap to tell me that he got stung by a wasp. In my half asleep confusion, I asked him why he didn’t have his net out to catch it. He then informed me that it was a real world insect, not the Animal Crossing variety. Insert face palm emoji here!

Some of these bad habits may have even creeped into your hand lettering! In the video below, I cover the top 5 things you can do to fix your hand lettering and make your pieces the absolute best they can be.

Just scroll down to watch the video and enjoy! Let’s fix those bad lettering habits!

xo Amanda

PS – If you’re wondering more about which pens you should use for your lettering, I have a whole “What’s That Pen?” series right here!


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